We are a fast growing B2B SaaS startup created by ex-Google and EMC executives and backed by Silicon Valley top investors and unicorn CEOs. Our vision is to help any business manage their financial resources securely, collaboratively and intelligently. We are based in both California and Stockholm.

Tech Stack
Our web app is a single page application developed using Typescript, JavaScript, Mithril and Tailwind CSS all built by Parcel and tested with Mocha, Taiko and Gauge.

You need to be proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, automated testing and if not Mithril so any immediate mode frontend library with a virtual DOM (such as Vue or React).

Team Fit and Ways of Working
We strive to write clean, well-tested code that is easy to read and understand, and you need to do as well. You like working in an iterative fashion with tight feedback loops.

English is our working language so you need to be comfortable with that. You are communicative and not afraid to ask for help, receive or give feedback and share knowledge.

We work in a calm and focused priority-driven manner which means sometimes all details aren’t known upfront and sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and help out where you’re most needed.

What you’ll do
Our product is rapidly evolving and tasks will range from developing completely new features from scratch within our application down to fixing bugs.

We offer competitive compensation (including equity based on performance), and great growth opportunities

About Visdom Technologies

While working at a few high tech companies like Google, Microsoft, EMC, our founders noticed how painfully manual a lot of budget management work still is. Information is isolated. Business and Finance ask for different things. Team members are not happy. It’s hard to believe that in an era when you can see in real time how Amazon rainforest is shrinking, our business units cannot even tell how much budget they have. Accruals have to be made line by line, manually, month over month. And when you can pick up and start using an extremely capable computer in the form of a smartphone without checking the manual, you find that your finance tools are woefully antiquated in the digital age. They couldn’t have been more intimidating or confusing for the users.

We think it’s time to change. We believe a collaborative user-friendly solution that satisfies the needs of both business and finance is the answer. Excited about this huge market potential, we left our comfortable jobs to take on this challenge. We aim to transform the way how business and finance teams collaborate through our unified budget management platform.

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Job posted on 15 October 2020

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