We are Innovative Workflow Automation SaaS platform that covers large enterprises (e.g. NASA) needs. We are launching new product to get our solution to small/mid-size businesses and welcoming you to join our development team.

Required skills
* ECMA6+
* Typescript
* Nest.js or similar
* Jest or similar
* Graphql
* MongoDB or similar document database
* Micro-services development experience
* Understanding of design patterns
* Ability to work independently
* Knowledge of SOLID
* Relational and Non-Relational DB experience
* Docker

Optional skills
* Event sourcing
* Federated Apollo Server
* Rules engine development
* BPMN usage
* Usage of Apache Kafka or similar
* Development for containerized environment experience

About AppKnit

Mobile App Development Company that helps you
Generate Ideas, Lower Costs & Build Scalable Products.

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This job is no longer active.
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