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  • Grammarly hired
    MacOS Engineer
  • MacPaw hired
    iOS Developer
  • Reface hired
    Senior DevOps
  • Readdle hired
    Web/UI Designer
  • Preply hired
    Senior Data Analyst

With Djinni, hiring is easy-peasy, squeezy

“Djinni is a fantastic tool to unlock talent market outside of the US.” – Jon O'Bryan, Atlas.

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    Make your $$$ work harder
    Hire more experienced talent for less money. Save up to 40% on favorable taxes in Ukraine.
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    Hire without middlemen
    With Djinni the hiring is always between you and the candidate. We’re not an agency.
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    Pay for successful hires
    You pay 50% of candidate’s one-month salary, within 30 days of start date.
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Explore 50K+ candidates skills & salary expectations
You identify candidates that look promising, reach out to them, and start talking to those who’re interested – often in one day.
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Focus on full-time jobs
Find people who’ll join your team permanently. This is not Upwork.
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From first contact to an offer in a week
Candidates only appear on Djinni if they’re open to new opportunities, so you don’t waste time on those that don’t.

Pay for hires only

We charge 50% of candidate’s one-month salary.

What devs say about Djinni

"Awesome service, helped me to find a regular customer for a week, with whom I have been working for almost 3 years".
Sergey Scherbachenko Sergey Scherbachenko, Frontend Developer
"As a lover of everything new and extraordinary, almost immediately after the start of the project, I opened an account on Djinni. An unexpected bonus to this was an offer from a company which eventually turned out to be the coolest experience in the industry".
Michael Michael, UI Designer
"It happens that you need to find a new job. Djinni makes your job look for you".
Sergey Kirichko Sergey Kirichko, Senior Laravel Developer
"I've already found work twice on Djinni and every time it's been better :) So keep it!"
Nazar Tokar Nazar Tokar, Senior Front-End Engineer
"Djinni is a find. There is nothing like it in Ukraine. Very convenient anonymous job search and vacancies".
Kate Kate, Front-end Developer, Kyiv.
"Djinni has never put me down, or my friends, while finding me work. Only the best deals. Thank you for the service".
Vladimir Vladimir, PHP-developer.
"With Djinni I found my first IT work!"
Dennie Ordynskyi Dennie Ordynskyi, Product Designer
" is a hassle-free and HR-free way to hire full-time developers for your product. I can’t recommend it enough. Great service and 5 star support".
Yegor Zubarets Yegor Zubarets
"Both of my best jobs have found me here".
Ks Ks, programmer-pythoner
"This is the best service to look for work with a huge number of recruiters and a human attitude".
Nikita Kraev Nikita Kraev
"If I had to find a job, I would use this service :)"
Nikita Nikita, full-stack developer
"Just the best site for a job search. Here, there is everything: speed, search speed, caring about an employer/job seeker, a responsive support".
Nikolay Mizhigurskiy Nikolay Mizhigurskiy
"I'm looking for a job only here".
Vlad Vlad, Software Engineer

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