Media Buyer, Performance Marketing Manager on Social Networks

Киев · $1500 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Here are my responsibilities at the previous company: - planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies; - launching, optimizing, and scaling campaigns on Facebook and Instagram; - delivering performance marketing analysis and making asset recommendations to optimize performance through rapid, data-driven iteration and testing; - searching for new opportunities for driving traffic; - optimizing conversion costs; - close work with the creative department (copywriter and graphic designer).

Digital marketing, Google Tag Manager, Lead generation, Facebook Ads, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

My bio: - 1+ year experience in Digital Marketing; - bachelor degree in International Economics; - experience in different niches such as Investments, Real Estate, Infobusiness(Visotsky Consulting), Creative Industry, Hotels, Restaurants, Medicine, Beauty, Accessories, Sport, Household products to B2C and SaaS(Talkable) to B2B; - advertising budget of 1 year: CIS 90$k, US 20k$ and EU 10k$; - well-versed in GTM, GA, Facebook Analytics; - have a sense of humor and passion for creating and supporting new great products; - highly motivated and hard-working as well as curious and creative at problem-solving; - thrive on collaboration, working side by side with people of all backgrounds and disciplines;


CMO | Head of Marketing | Head of Communications

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Seasoned Marketing professional with over fifteen years of experience at marketing and communications. Have a proven track record of successful initiatives and projects. Strategic thinking, creative mindset, result oriented leader. Specialties: strategic marketing planning, advertising and PR function development, marketing communications, marketing strategy development, media planning and relations, event management, PR writing, SMM, digital, crisis management. Strong focus on business results. Empathetic leader.

Marketing Strategy, CRM, Business Developement, Digital marketing, PR, Team management, Marketing Budget Planning, Google Analytics, Project Management, Content marketing, Product management, Team coordination, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, copywriting, PPC, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Marketing, Lead generation, google adwords, Web Analytics, Jira, Digital campaigns' analysis, Marketing Management, Google Ads, Power BI, Mobile Advertising, CMS, Digital Strategy, Content writing, Content strategy, viral marketing, ORM, Brand Marketing, Google Tag Manager, Customer service, Marketing research, Product Marketing, Google Analitycs, event planning, B2C marketing, Rewriting, Digital marketing strategy development, Event marketing, E-mail marketing, youtube advertising, Inbound Marketing, Landing Pages, SEO-copywriting, Adwords, Mobile Marketing, Negotiation, SMM, User Acquisition, English Fluent, B2B/B2C, Analytical Skills, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking, Budgeting projects, Journalist, Brand Management, Brand Promotion, Creative Writing, CPA, English, Analytics, Internet marketing

Developed marketing department from the scratch. Relaunched products & brands. Ensured market growth on a stadily declining market. Hired marketing team members both in HQ and in reginal offices. Developed marketing strategy for both brand & product relaunch with higher prices. Ensured constant market growth and +financial results with economy of marketing budget.

Looking for the international company with marketing and/or product orientation. I expect the company to have a clear strategy, mission, vision and values. Being an empathetic leader, I'm ready to grow a marketing team of subordinates making them a brand & a company brand ambassadors, thus leading a company to success and profitable operations.


IT Copywriter/ Web Content Writer

Удаленная работа, Беларусь · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Работал переводчиком английского языка на крупном предприятии. В мои обязанности входил перевод различной документации и осуществление последовательного перевода на совещаниях, тендерах, переговорах, во время командировок заграницу, в цехах заводов при монтаже/демонтаже оборудования и проведения технического обслуживания. При этом, работал копирайтером и писал статьи преимущественно в IT сфере. На данный момент создание контента (articles, case studies, blog posts, landing pages, etc.) является основной работой. Знаю основы SEO, Blockchain, Cloud решений, UI/UX дизайна, IoT и т.д. Заказчики отмечают высокий прирост лидов и просмотров их сайтов, которые я наполнял контентом. Приложу свое портфолио с примерами работ в личной беседе.

Copywriter, IT Copywriter, Advanced English, Content writing, Copywriting, Content-marketing, Analytical Skills


User acquisition lead / Growth

Киев · $1200 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

HYLS - GTM - User Acquisition - Analytics GeoZilla User Acquisition Manager - Managed Paid acquisition - Creatives/video planning ASKfm Mobile Marketing Manager ASKfm is a Q&A app with 3,5 million DAU - Managing UA across channels (Facebook, Snapchat, Unity, Applovin, AdNetworks, Agencies etc.); - ASO strategy. Results delivery for Organic traffic... See more Wikr Group Mobile Marketing Manager Managed paid acquisition for the subscription-based Fitness app - developed international UA campaigns for mobile application; - planned campaign budget per media source; - analyzed performance to increase user conversion, retention and engagement;... See more

Excel, Marketing Strategy, Digital marketing, PPC, Facebook Ads, aso, User Acquisition, Mobile Marketing, Lead generation, CRO

Профессиональный рост и Сложные задачи. Проекты, которые делают этот мир лучше)


SEO specialist

Киев, USA, EU, Canada, Amsterdam · $1300 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- work with numerous websites (USA, Europe); - participation in planning, development and implementation of SEO strategies for organic traffic and ranking positions improvement; - on-page and off-page optimization; - websites' technical audit; - competitive analysis, backlinks analyzing; content analysis and planning; - work with semantic (semantic core expansion and collection); - searching, analyzing and testing new resources for link building and guest posting; - building partnerships and communication with bloggers and web-masters; - writing copywriting briefs; - outreach-marketing planning; - infographics planning and promotion; - new pages and extensions uploading, banners crafting, interlinking.

SEO, Web Analytics, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Serpstat, Ahrefs, Figma, Wireframing, SQL, Google Search Console, Outreach, Keyword Research, Google Data Studio, Screaming frog, Adobe Photoshop, Redmine, Jira, Wordpress, Off-page optimization, On-page optimization, HTML & CSS

Experienced in product and tech SEO; UX-UI and web-development (HTML, CSS, SQL, git, GitHub); proposed and implemented new approaches to automatize some tasks proceeding to ease workflow;

I'm looking for interesting product project in IT, where I could apply my knowledge and experience and bring positive results to business. I hope that new challenges will help me to gain more experience and acquire valuable skills.


Sales Manager, Marketing manager (Part time)

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Self Employed Social Media Marketing 08.2018 – Current time - Content marketing planning; - Searching offers; - Creating social accounts; - Bypassing anti-spam filters; - Improvement and optimize the spamming method. - Learning and deep understanding of how social network mechanism works Self Employed (Freelance) Social Media Marketing and Shopify Consultant 11.2017 – 11.2018 - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit advertising & reporting; - Social Media strategic planning; - Content marketing planning; - Easy to interpret and use social metrics & dashboards creation; - Online presence audit; - Social Media audit; - Email marketing strategy & content planning; - Shopify stores building; - Shopify consultations. Project 3 Senior Business Developer \ Marketing Strategy Advisor 03.2018 - 11.2018 - Native ads market investigation; - Business developing, found new publishers; - Publisher's campaigns management and optimization; - Marketing strategies creating; - Creative thinking about how to capture the world. Project 2 Team Leader of Media Buying/Business Developer 04.2017 - 01.2018 - Business developing, found new partners, clients; - Plan, manage and execute digital campaigns, including optimization and budget control in different ad-networks; - Analyze the results and performance of running campaigns; - Identify new sources of traffic to test; - Analyze rates from display providers; - Team management; - Identify, evaluate and conceptualize stakeholder requirements and requests. Project 1 Team Leader of Account managers/Sales manager 09.2014 - 04.2017 - Team management; - Track project activities, monitor & handle changes, conflicts & escalations; - Business performance monitoring and business development; - Advertising campaigns management and optimization; - Develop, update and process stats & analytics reports; - Develop relationships with direct partners; - Coach and develop direct reports (stats, accounting, legal); - Website traffic growth; - Web traffic selling. Project 1 Account Manager/Sales Manager 02.2014 – 09.2014 - Track project activities, monitor & handle changes, conflicts & escalations; - Advertising campaigns management and optimization; - Website traffic growth; - Web traffic selling; - UI Development.

Account Management, Business development, Sales, Affiliate Manager

-Increase revenue from zero to 1M of income/month. -Founded the media buying department from scratch. -Launched a new vertical for the project (adult vertical).

Main points for me: - Part-time; -Seeking for interesting project or startup; -I would like to see team players all around me; Not interested: -Outsourcing companies; -Companies that can not pay a competitive salary; -Companies that are associated with blockchain; -Work in office


Marketing Manager

Львов, Киев, Canada, EU, USA, Львов · $800 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Traffic/Affiliate Manager • Communication, support, daily work with international advertising agencies • Launching email-marketing campaigns • Analysis and monitoring of the campaigns during the promotion • Identifying the profitability rate for each promoted campaign • Improving the performance of existing digital marketing campaigns • Monitoring trends in industry, competitive landscape and social media Sales and Product Manager • Managing accounts on international Marketplaces (Amazon.fr, Ebay.fr, Cdiscount. GoSport.fr) • Analyze statistics of sales, monitor competitor's prices to achieve growth and hit sales targets • Create automated lead nurturing campaigns using Amazon Tools • Analyze data from previous and current marketing campaigns to improve future results • Effectively utilize marketing strategies to raise check averages in stores to develop and execute high visibility of products on Amazon • Use creative written and oral communication skills to optimize the value of every promotional effort • Collaborate with an internal and external vendor, agency and colleague partners (international and domestic)

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing, Content marketing, E-mail marketing, PR, HTML, CRM Management, PPC, copywriting, CRM, Partnership management, Media Buying, Analysis, Campaigns Management, Europe and USA markets, Analysis and research

Looking for remote full-time or part-time position


Blockchain writer\Tech writer\Crypto writer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Thanks for stopping by. I am a tech writer who specializes in blockchain, fintech, and crypto. I am also the founder of a niche media, WTFbit, which covers distributed technologies. I help businesses attract target audiences by tailoring the message and finding the true voice of your company. My core areas of expertise include writing about BTC and crypto assets, IoT, and AI. Most of my clients are located in the U.S. and Israel. When working on a project, I experiment with content and different formats to determine the right fit and adjust to your needs. My goal is to build long-term rapport with users and deliver exceptional value — no fluff or wordy content; only to the point.

Digital marketing, SEO, Content marketing, Project Management, Blockchain, Crypto, Technical Writing, Content writing, Creative Writing, Product copywriting, Blogging, Ghost writing, ICO Marketing, IEO, DSO, DLT


Facebook PPC Specialist

Киев · $1500 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Social media manager Cheil Ukraine • Створення контент планів • Створення медіа планів • Створення візуальної частини • Створення та адміністрування сторінок в соціальних мережах (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) • Робота з репутацією компанії • Проведення мастабних конкурсів онлайн та офлайн Social media manager Смайл Экспо • Запуск рекламних кампаній в соціальних мережах • Аналіз ефективності реклами • Розробка стратегій масштабування, пошук нових каналів • Генерація ідей для рекламних креативів • Розробка медіа планів • Збільшення трафіку сайтів • Лідогенерація • Створення, оформлення та адміністрювання сторінок в соціальних медіа, адміністрування сторінок (Facebook, Vkontakte, YouTube, Instagram) Social media manager LUXEO • Розробка SMM стратегій • Створення та оформлення сторінок в соціальних медіа • Написання контент-планів • Адміністрування сторінок (Facebook, Vkontakte, YouTube, Instagram) • Запуск рекламних кампаній в соціальних мережах • Аналіз ефективності реклами • Розробка медіа планів • Збільшення трафіку сайтів • Написання текстів для блогів та сайтів (рерайт, копірайтинг) • Написання SEO текстів. Вечірній SMM менеджер MEDIA HOLDING VESTI UKRAINE • Опрацювання новин • Підбір візуального матеріалу та написання текстового матеріалу для подання новин в соціальні мережі (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Telegram, Одноклассники). Social media manager Techsoft Universe • Cтворення та оформлення сторінок в соціальних медіа • Написання контент-планів • Адміністрування сторінок в соціальних медіа (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+) • Запуск рекламних кампаній в соціальних мережах • Аналіз ефективності реклами • Розробка медіа планів Social media manager SMMGroup • Розробка SMM стратегій • Оформлення сторінок в соціальних медіа Написання контент-планів • Адміністрування сторінок (Facebook, Vkontakte, Однокласники) • Написання навчальних презентацій для SMM Школи.

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Facebook Ads, SMM, copywriting, Marketing, Media planning, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, PPC, Targeted advertising, Content marketing, A/B-testing, English, Google Ads, Adobe Photoshop, SEO-copywriting, Google Analitycs, Lead generation

• Маю більше 4 років роботи з таргетингом в Facebook/Instagram. • Досвід роботи з таргетингом Linkedin та Twiiter до 2 років • Маю досвід до року роботи з рекламою в YouTube (AdWords) • Маю базові знання SEO


Head of marketing | Digital marketing manager

Киев · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

8+ years experience in online/offline marketing in mark. agencies, small business and IT enterprises. b2b, b2c in Ukraine and USA. I'm good in: -marketing strategy development and implementation -online|offline marketing management -conversion rate optimization

AdWords, Balzamiq, Conversion rate optimization, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Marketing Strategy, Product management, Project Management, VWO a/b testing, media buying, Google Data Studio, Crowd Marketing, EX/UI, CPA buying, HTML, SEO optimisation, SMM Strategy, yandex direct

-Betting turnover and leads' growth 3 times from year to year -Increased conversion rate by 30-80% (b2b IT, USA) for main landing pages -Cost per lead decreased by almost half, but increased quantity of leads by 38% in Adwords (b2c, big internet provider, Ukraine) -Increased overall leads due to chat, pop-ups and call to action form changes by 10% -Increased overall income by 8% due to specific LP-grader.

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