Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Currently looking for position of iOS developer. Non commercial experience: 6 months (Swift), 1year(C/C++). Commercial: 3 month. I'm interested in iOS development and I'm looking for job, where I can study new technologies, improve my skills and develop app. My main purpose is find a great company, where I'll grow such as developer, and also do all tasks, which allow company grow with me :)

Swift, iOS, Git, UIKit, REST API, Xcode, CoreData, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, Autolayout, Foundation, CoreLocation, Multithreading, MapKit, JSON, Alamofire, Jira, Cocoa Touch, Firebase, SOLID


iOS Developer

Киев · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Currently looking for position of iOS developer. Development languages: C, Swift. Some experience with git, UNIX, HTML, CSS and PHP. Familiar with design patterns, Cocoapods, Core Data, UIKit, REST API, JSON, AutoLayout, MapKit, etc. Non commercial experience: 7 months Swift, 8 months C. There is also experience with Jira, Kibana, 3D graphics (Cinema 4D, Maya) video editing and color correction (Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Final Cut).

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, MVC, CoreData, REST API, OOP, CocoaPods, JSON, Jira, MVVM, Autolayout, Design Patterns, CoreLocation, Foundation, MapKit, Alamofire, REST, Mobile app development, Multithreading, GCD

Під час навчання у UNIT Factory здобув безцінний скіл/розуміння того, що неможливих завдань просто не існує. Дуже швидко навчаюсь та адаптуюсь до команди. Щиро отримую задоволення від результату роботи(дякую перфекціонізм), саме тому і роблю все, для його отримання.

Хотілося б потратити у команду, яка займається дійсно корисними і цікавими речами, перейняти досвід у фанатів своєї справи та вирости як спеціаліст.

19 июля

Junior Software Engineer

Киев · $500 · Intermediate

Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, Linux - Programming Languages: Oracle PL/SQL(1 year), SAP Sybase SQL (1 year) C/C++, Java, Android, Python, asm, PHP, JS - Some owasp hacking - fuzzing, xss - Database: Oracle SQL (design DB, stored procedures, views, window functions, SQL-query, injections), Sybase. - Understanding of OOP principles. - Version Control: Git.

SQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Automated Testing (QA), Data Science, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Android, C++, C/C++, Java, JDBC, LAMP, Linux, OOP, OOP/OOD, PHP, Python, Unix, Git, JSON, JUnit, Matlab, Mockito, NoSQL, XML, AJAX, Assembler, C#, Maven, MVC, WinAPI, Hibernate, jQuery, JSP, REST API, Spring, Spring MVC, Swift

Робота в технічній команді, тихий офіс

18 июля

iOS Developer

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

QA Engineer (03.2019 – now) - Mobile testing (iOS, Android); - Creating and maintenance bug reports (Jira); - Test documentation writing (c​hecklists, test cases, bug reports, etc.);​ - API Testing (Postman). QA Engineer (12.2018 – 03.2019) - Mobile testing (iOS, Android); - Web testing; - Creating and maintenance bug reports (VSTS); - Test documentation writing (c​hecklists, test cases, bug reports, etc.).​ Skills: - Basic knowledge of Swift; - Basic ​knowledge of iOS SDK (UIKit, Cocoa Touch); - ​Experience with Storyboard and AutoLayout; - Understanding of SDLC; - Good knowledge of the Xcode development environment; - Ability to work with the Git version control system; - Practical experience with Jira, VSTS, Zeplin, Postman; - Basic knowledge of C; - Language skills – Intermediate (B1).

Git, Jira, Scrum, Firebase, Zeplin, C, Confluence, Agile, Postman, Swift, Xcode, OOP, UIKit, iOS, Autolayout

I want to become a developer, change something in my life. Ready to work for some time as an trainee. Only would have the opportunity to learn. HR's, please help me. I want to develop my skills as an iOS developer in a friendly team, learn from teammates experience.

16 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев, Черкассы · $500 · Intermediate

Create my 2D game on framework SpriteKit and an application to it, as my first project. (Swift programming language) Experience of work with CMS: WordPress and OpenCard; Experience of work with programming languages: Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Swift; Experience of work with hypertext markup languages HTML, CSS and structured query language SQL; Experience of work in creating websites and connecting to them database; Experience of work with WAMP/WNMP servers and frameworks – bootstrap, jQuery; Experience of work with MongoDB database;

Swift, iOS, Xcode, UIKit, REST API, OOP, CocoaPods, REST, Firebase, Foundation, Git

16 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Hello! Experience in developing client-server applications using third-party libraries, working with the server - JSON(SwiftyJSON), URLSession(Alamofire), version control - Git, dependency manager - CocoaPods(Carthage), architecture - MVC, SOLID, multithreading - GCD, database - Firebase, Realm. Thanks for your attention!

Swift, iOS, REST API, Git, Xcode, OOP, MVC, JSON, CocoaPods, UIKit, SOLID, CoreLocation, Realm, Alamofire, GCD, Design Patterns, Sketch, Firebase, Carthage, Cocoa Touch, Autolayout

Graduated from Apple Development courses, which are taught to U.S. students. Began to implement my "pet project" to understand the complexity of the path to publication in the AppStore.

The company with the prospect of professional growth! Interesting projects, friendly team.

15 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $700 · Intermediate

У меня есть несколько учебных проектов, таких как: Corewar, где мы с командой занимались реализацией игры Corewars, я занимался трансляцией кода на языке Assembler в байт-код; Lem-in, в котором мне необходимо было находить кратчайшие пути в графе; Swifty companion, в котором я работал с 42API, для визуализации аккаунтов студентов School42; Tweets, в котором я через TwitterAPI делал свой мини-твиттер; Personal dairy, где мне довелось поработать с CoreData и аутентификацией пользователь с помощью LocalAuthentication; Kanto, приложение для поиска раздичных мест на карте и построение маршрутов.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, MVC, Multithreading, REST API, CocoaPods, CoreLocation, CoreData, OOP, JSON, MySQL, UIKit, iOS frameworks, MapKit, Alamofire, Bash, Autolayout, Foundation, REST

Успешно учусь в UNIT Factory, одном из кампусов School42, работающей по инновационной методике обучения без лекция и преподавателей и системой Peer-to-peer. был отобран Udacity на их совместный курс с Google по Front-end разработке

Ищу компанию, в которой я бы мог развиваться как специалист и приносить пользу остальным

14 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $350 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

I have more than one year of noncommercial development for IOS in the Swift programming language. I also have experience working with obj-c I understand the design of applications and their practicality. Ready to learn and contribute to a common cause.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Scrum, Git, OOP, JSON, Cocoa Touch, MVC, UIKit, CoreData, CocoaPods, GitHub, REST API, Design Patterns

Self learns Swift and iOS development. Finished iOS development course by Alex Skutarenko.

Looking for team-work experience as Junior iOS developer in real projects with the opportunity to participate in all development stages.

10 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $400 · Intermediate

iOS SDK: Foundation, UIKit (Storyboard, Xib, Autolayout), Networking (Alamofire, SwiftyJSON), Concurrency (GCD, NSOperationQueue), MVC, MVVM Another technologies and tools: Git, CocoaPods I'm not afraid to ask questions, have a great experience in team work.

MVC, Swift, Xcode, Git, MVVM

I have 9 year job experience in industry. Work with technical documentation. Work with computer-aided design software Have no commercial experience, but made projects during studying - fitness app (profile with tracking of statistic, creating training programs and body calculator)

Looking for job where I can grow as a developer, work with good professional team in interesting and difficult projects, learn new technologies.

8 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Projects (non-commercial) - Mini Map (Swift) (06/2019 - 06/2019) Map application using geolocation, list of favorite places, 3 types of map view. - Weather Check (Swift) (06/2019 - 06/2019) Using 2 APIs with Cocoapods to get geolocation data and all weather info for the searched location. - Shape Game (Swift) (06/2019 - 06/2019) iOS game using different sensors such as an accelerometer, a gyroscope, proximity sensor. - Twitter Search (Swift) (05/2019 - 05/2019) App that makes HTTP requests to the Twitters's API on iOS. It displays tweets in a table view. - Huwk's Eye Game (Swift) (05/2019 - 05/2019) iOS game with fun gameplay, using basic swift knowledge. - Calculator (Swift) (05/2019 - 05/2019) Calculator with autolayout, full functionality (like basic macOS one in standard mode), nice view and has no overflows (no crash). - Doom-nukem 3D (C) (10/2018 - 03/2019) Game on C which is a mix of Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Many basic functional elements are identical by using the raycasting technique.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, Multithreading, CoreLocation, MapKit, Autolayout

As a person, I believe that there are no impossible tasks. I see myself as Junior iOS Developer with strong engineering professional skills. I am ready for new challenges and new goals.

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