Data Scientist

Odesa · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have previous experience developing web applications and real-time systems software (drivers and industrial scads systems). I've been working in teams, providing technical support for pre-sales, interacting with customers and leading small teams. I have recently upgraded my skills by completing a Machine Learning with Python course, and would like to apply for an entry position in the field. Indicated experience reflects only the particular area that I am applying for.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, Deep Learning, NLP, Keras, Algorithms, Tensorflow, English, Sklearn, CUDA, Python3, Analysis and research, predictive modeling

All completed work brings the joy of satisfaction, but most of all I am proud of those projects that bear the scientific or creative edge. Those, that are build to stand out - to amaze and to last. The value to the customer usually follows. As an example, during my recent project on building an industrial SCADA system I have discover a hidden "under-the-hood" API method that allowed to efficiently automate populating initialization data to thousands of nodes. This, curiosity and perseverance saved us (me and customer) a couple of weeks (if not months) of tedious work...

I am looking for challenging projects, but with a clear outcome. The team size doesn't matter, I would fit in either, big or small, as along as I am given a quiet working space, where I can concentrate on my work, when needed. Just compensation for competitive performance is expected. I prefer flexible hours, while maintaining responsibility as the key. I value friendly culture with strong commitment to win, mixed with freedom to exercise personal priorities.


Junior Python Developer

Lviv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a third-year IT and BA student at Ukrainian Catholic University. My technical skills: - Programming languages: Python, Java, C++ - Python technologies: cv2, NumPy, Lark, Pandas, scikit-learn - Frameworks: Django - Databases: MySQL - Version-control system: Git - Other: Docker, Monit, JIRA, OOP, Algorithms, Economics, Financial Analysis, Econometrics Also, I have been participating in many contests of competitive programming, what as I think makes me think creatively and learn fast.

Python, MySQL, NumPy, Algorithms, Lark, Regex, Git, OpenCV, OOP, Docker, Linux

My projects using Python: - Character recognition using PCA ( Recognizes printed letters ); - Stock prediction; - Soccer score prediction; - PLUTO parser ( takes the code of programming language PLUTO and converts it to equivalent Python code); - Reminder bot for Telegram.

I want to find an interesting job where I'll be able to develop my skills.


Організатор центру дитячого розвитку

Kyiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Successful experience of teaching HTML / CSS, Python, Scratch (basic level) and working with Arduino chips, RoboRobo and Lego WeDo 2.0 kits for 4 years. Teaching older people - basic computer literacy. PhD student and instructor in hardware and software at State University of Telecommunications. Experience in organizing IT-schools, creating courses, conducting business processes, searching and selecting employees. Programming languages: Python 3, HTML5, CSS3 Technologies: PyCharm, Arduino IDE, Scratch, Geany, Git, Agile, Jira, FFmpeg, Gstreamer, nginx

Python, HTML, CSS

Experience in organizing IT-schools, creating courses, conducting business processes, searching and selecting employees.

Desire to open private IT school, create a successful team, find good working place, develop challenging courses.

20 January

Trainee/Junior Python Developer

Kharkiv · $300 · Upper Intermediate

У меня нет опыта коммерческой работы. Но у меня есть самостоятельно сделанные проекты. Они выполнены для демонстрации моих способностей в программировании, которые я непрерывно совершенствую. И самое главное, у меня есть желание работать) Я уверен, что могу быть полезен в любой компании с вакансией trainee/junior программиста на питоне. И я открыт для диалога)

Python, Linux, Flask, SQL, CSS, Git

20 January

Python/Golang Developer 

Kyiv · $900 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python; Golang. Algorithms and data structures. Studied cs231n. Worked at 2 startups. Less than 1 year of experience total. Pursuing a bachelor degree in Software Engineering. I am looking for a position in a company where there exists a data science team and where there would be a possibility to interact with data scientists.

Algorithms, Docker, Python, C++, Golang, SQL, Django, Kubernetes

19 January

Розробник Python

Lviv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Виконував back-end сайту для львівського стартапу. Реалізовував генетичний алгоритм для пошуку оптимального маршруту на Google картах (цей проект виконував під час навчання, є код на github). Займався програмуванням сокетів, теж під час навчання.

Python, Linux, Git, Flask, Django, AWS

Реалізація back-end для стартапу використовуючи Amazon Web Service.

Відкритий до будь яких пропозицій, що стосуються або Python, або HTML/CSS/JS стеку.

18 January

Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $450 · Upper Intermediate

Student of FICT (Igor Sikorsky's KPI). 2.5 years of coding in Python. 1 year of practicing neural networks. Want to find a job for gaining more experience and learning new useful skills.

Python, MySQL, Keras, TensorFlow, pandas, NumPy, Algorithms, Jupyter Notebook, numpy, scikit-learn, Math

Working pet project based on face verification. Successfully completed certification test of the Samsung R&D.

17 January

Data Engineer

Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Data Engineering experience - 7 months: Creating and setting up data pipeline for ML solution for pricing optimization. ETL, DDl, DML, collecting some analytics and metrics.

SQL, BigQuery, Google BigQuery, Python, Git, Jira, Confluence, Data Engineering, ETL

1. Created parameterized SQL scripts to collect analytics and business metrics, such as applied recommendations, calculating the impact of our decision on client revenue and sales. It was widely used by customer facing and customer success teams. 2. Created and supported automatic data pipeline tests, for Entry (raw client data) and our processed data. Significantly simplified and accelerated QA process. 3. Adapted dataset and whole pipeline for RNN (recurrent neural network). 4. Uncountable amount of features, fixes, optimizations, performance and speed improvements, etc.

- Gaining more experience - Interesting projects - Improvement of my skills and getting new - Working with good team - Improvement of existing knowledge

17 January

Python Developer 🔥 

Kyiv · $5000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python, Asyncio, Tornado, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Redis, Spark,

asyncio, Celery, PostgreSQL, Python, Redis, Tornado, Django, Flask, NoSQL, ReactJS, RX.js, Unix, Docker, AWS, ‎Kubernetes, GraphQL

Можливість запроваджувати архітектурні і технічні рішення.

17 January

junior java developer

Kharkiv · $400 · Upper Intermediate

- web scrapping, web query language experience, work with data - Java Core, Junit, JDBC, JSP, Java EE; - MySQL, HTTP, HTML (basic), - Denwer, Tomcat; - Github, Bitbucket, SVN; - JIRA, Redmine; - Windows family, browser’s developer tools; - ModX, Joomla, PrestaShop , etc (basic);

Jira, Redmine, HTML, Java Core, OOP, HTTP, MySQL, Tomcat, Java EE, JDBC, JSP, JUnit, PostgreSQL, Maven

I'm looking for first experience job of java-developer and always willing to learn and improving developing my skills. I'd like to meet friendly team with positive and communicative people, who could help me make first steps in java position

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