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About David Lechner

I am David Lechner, programmer and entrepreneur from Austria and now also founder of Lechner Soft, my fresh company in Ukraine. I have 25 years of experience in software development.

My way started with developing computer games which connect better with the actual user because of more advanced user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI) compared to most productivity apps.

Then I am in startup scene for a while now. Got various grants and was able to complete them successfully. Worked for startups with and without investments / grants. Went through a lot of startup related training. So, I have a deep understanding of issues on the road to completing a successful and new product. I am capable to point customers into the right direction, know how to get the required funds and to produce the product to make the most out of it.

And last but not least software: I started with software development close to hardware in assembler, pascal, c, etc. during education. After I started working in Game development mostly in c/c++, shader languages, etc. basically we developed whole games from scratch back then. Later I changed to c# and Unity since it made developing more cost effective. Since I started my own business, I do server and web with javascript/typescript (infrequently also a lot of other languages/frameworks like java/asp/python/ruby for different projects).

Now I am expanding my business (founded 2012) to a head office in Ukraine/Kharkov, to develop modern and state of the art web and mobile software development for startups. Focusing on minimum viable products, productivity tools, custom CRM solutions. Supporting companies to bring their ideas to life by providing them with conceptual know how and technical resources.

Lechner Soft works with these types of frameworks:

For Web: HTML5, SASS, Less, Javascript, Typescript, Bootstrap, Angular;

For Apps: React, Ionic, Capacitor, Native, Unity;

For Server: Node.js, nginx, apache, mongodb, postgresql, mssql, oracle, aws, docker, swagger.

We take responsibility for creating products that integrates customers vision and market needs to reach new audiences. We know a lot about software and markets, know how to guide the customer through the entire process, we see problems before they happen and ask the right questions. This ensures that our clients can focus on their responsibilities and duties and not have to worry about software development. Instead, we give them more time to make right decisions, calculations and expectations for their product and market.

Through to iterative development the customer always has insights about the current state of the product and the budget. We are aware that specifications can change during the process and have the experience to guide him through the important milestones and discuss all the risks and limitations before implementation. That is how we ensure that most of the work will go into the final product and no time is wasted.

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