About Techtree

Engineering is an industry where merit should be everything. And yet it's not diverse at all, dominated by white men with private educations. Techtree is creating a career networking platform to help devs the world over to get mentored, grow a network and experience a better - unbiased - recruitment experience (a LinkedIn for Devs). We’re pooling devs’ personal networks, experienced mentors’ networks and dev communities. The goal is getting engineers - especially female and minority engineers - roles at fast-growing VC backed tech startups. We achieve this with (a) network powered job discovery (b) career mentoring (c) events with engineers from top tech companies hosted by dev communities. We’re also removing barriers for companies who want to be inclusive. We do this by making it simple to engage thousands of engineers worldwide, made accessible through hundreds of communities, that companies engage via a Patreon model.

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