About ActivCorp

AKTIV Group has core strengths in the field of developing communication, business and educational software. With plenty of successful projects we’re constantly growing in the fields of e-learning, communication and related areas.

Operating for over 11 years we’re flexible in approach to any project. We’re mobile and have learnt to adapt to customer’s requirements. Our customers are at the heart of our business and because of this, we ensure everything we develop, create and is something that flawlessly helps our customers.

Because we want to grow, we continue to expand our resources, our team and our promises. With innovation, we are smart, outside the box thinkers and creative in our projects. By creating trends whether they’re new or existing, we will build a following of customers. By non-stop development, we will stay committed and constantly develop new projects.

The AKTIV Group is full of strength. Our technology, software and projects are amazing and being developed, maintained and promoted by brilliant people here. Our team is dedicated, loyal and creative. We have a professional approach in every aspect of the company's activity.

We are open to cooperation with partners who also aim to develop and strengthen there position in the field of e-learning, online assessment and communication. As partners, we appreciate high professionalism, flexibility and desire to go global.

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