About Realme

Real.me proactively safeguards your privacy and reputation by identifying ways in which your personal information can be breached, distributed, or used without your permission - and quickly alerting you to a potential issue. Identity theft and fraud is a constantly evolving crime so you need protection that is powerful and flexible. Our identity protection experts employ the latest insights and technologies to create solutions that uncover problems before they become major headaches. No one should have to worry about their finances, reputation, or credit becoming compromised because of everyday activities like social networking, checking your bank balance, or making an on-line purchase. Real.me is committed to helping consumers take charge of their personal information on-line and off.

Our Purpose

Our aspiration is to combine leading edge IT technology with flawless customer service in order to be a leader in the Identity Protection industry. Our objective, first and foremost, is to help you rest easy about the security of your personal data and reputation.

Our Promise

We’re on the hunt all day, every day, for security risks, information anomalies, and actual breaches of your personal data. We know that you have important things to do - and worrying about your personal and financial privacy isn’t on the list. Think of us as your very own security team: smart, vigilant, and resourceful

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