Company details

First established in 2011, Hyuna International Ltd is a digital multimedia (movies, music, ebooks, audiobooks and videogames) service platform. With its sister in Canada, Hyuna has offices in London, Los Angeles and Ukraine with head office located in Barbados. Hyuna currently has over 100 employees in Barbados and more 100 throughout its varios offices.

Hyuna started with direct response marketing, offering digital content to end users around the world using generic (i.e. non-brended) websites. Hyuna offers a subscription service to consumers, providing unlimited access to videogames, movies, music, books and ebooks. Customers are charged subscription fees in a monthly basis. Hyuna owns and operates all associated intellectual proparty including technology source code, content licenses as well as website domain names.

Hyuna attracts customers through targeted direct internet advertising campaigns which are implemented through Google Adwords, affiliates and third-party advertising platforms to direct web traffic to various Hyuna websites. The advertising campaigns direct customers to the Hyuna’s websites that will be most attractive to the targeted demographic based on the advertising campaign. Once the customer sings up for Hyuna’s subscription service, they have access to the same content regardless of the initial site visited to subscripbe.

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