About PortaOne

Where we came from. Started in 1997 as the in-house billing software project for a leading European ISP. Later on a group of people spun off to form PortaOne, Inc. and focus on VoIP software products exclusively. Things has changed drastically since than and VoIP is the only part (though still significant) which is covered by PortaSwitch (our flagship product).

What we do. Basically we do billing and softswitch. However for different service providers those may have different meanings and combinations: B/OSS, OCS, IP PBX, VoIP softswitch class 4/5, etc.

Why people opt for PortaOne's solutions. The majority of customers are independent service providers, and their main tool for competing with larger incumbent telco operators is the ability to provide the functionalities that end-users want faster than anybody else on the market. What makes it possible is our commitment to quality and our ability to provide a product which constantly evolves and adapts to changes.

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