Company details

Go To-U is a platform which connects EV drivers and businesses with charging stations on their site. Go To-U enables unique booking features for drivers with Mobile app To-U and advance EV charging management for businesses with Back office To-U.
Go To-U creates flawless EV charging experience while enabling smart monetization of the charging spot. The platform provides data about 40 000 charging spots globally and serves as one-stop-shop for EV drivers who want to have a smooth journey: in the mobile app, they can book charging station and services at the charging spot.
Go To-U disrupts existing EV charging business models providing tools, which help businesses to monetize charging stations effectively, beyond selling electricity to clients, gaining new, loyal clients. EV chargers management together with sophisticated marketing and PR tools allows businesses to fully utilize their chargers strategy.

Traction: validated solution with over 60 businesses (over 30 LOIs collected), key-partners: Leopolis hotel, Renault, Hyundai, Bosch service.
Over 25000 mobile app sessions/last 30 days.