Company details

Magecom is one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe developing solutions on Magento platform. We cooperate with well-known international agencies and brands, popularize and develop Magento.

90% of our projects are Magento sites, but there are also custom solutions, mobile applications and experimental technologies.
Our customers are mainly from the US and Western Europe.

- We have a cool team and atmosphere. This is something for what people come to us, even if somewhere project is steeper or armchair is more expensive.
- If the project is "too easy", "too complicated" or otherwise "too" - it can be changed.
- If you are sure that you are ready to be a leader, an architect or a mentor - you can try yourself in this role.
- We avoid the bureaucracy where it can be avoided.
- Certification and training - at the expense of the company.
- The development process is constantly improving, we strive to be the most professional company for our clients.

Write us, if you want to join!)