Company details

Our company is an independent software vendor specialized in producing solutions that take document processing to a new level.
Our goal is to ensure better user experience when working with any document at any type of device: mobile phones, tablets, computers (both on desktop and in web browser). We strive to provide different-sized companies with the opportunity to safely and easily collaborate on any number of documents.
We believe that the existing solutions for documentation, impacted by stereotypes, are far from the ideal and we can improve them.
We believe that cutting edge technologies allow making documents easier to handle in comparison to the customers' experience 30 years ago.
At the end, we believe that only a team of true professionals and like-minded people can solve such a sophisticated task.

We are looking for candidates eager to help us develop cross-platform libraries for the editors. This component is written at the modern C++ 11-14. It is to be compiled on a variety of platforms (including rather exotic ones); it is required to be quick, stable as well as it should cover a variety of features. It is the “heart” of our editors and we have put all our efforts into it! There is still much work to be done and that's why we are in dire need of C++ developers, inspired by the opportunity to work at complex and sophisticated tasks. These requirements are more important to us than your in-depth knowledge of certain libraries and frameworks.