About Mindojo

Mindojo, a “remote-first” company founded in 2006, develops the world's first self-evolving, adaptive learning platform that’s used for premium online courses (CFA, GMAT, GRE, and others) in partnership with companies such as Bloomberg LP. These courses help people (regardless of location and socioeconomic class) to get better jobs, be more successful, and make their dreams come true.

Bloomberg CFA, GMAT, GRe Prep: https://www.bloombergprep.com:

Many new products are now in the pipeline of being developed, but some of the most exciting work we do is on building the platform to be an ever more intelligent and effective virtual private tutor.

We have a brilliant team of professors who create unique first-class content, and we’re on the way to disrupt the global education market. Within our platform, students are constantly engaged in a personalized dialogue with our AI private tutor, far surpassing the efficacy of existing resources (textbooks, video or classroom lectures, and various e-learning products).

Let’s be honest: we are lucky here because we have minimum bureaucracy and enough freedom. We truly enjoy a large amount of autonomy and independence in our day-to-day tasks, and sometimes we work hard (who’s not familiar with healthy deadlines?). But we are also happy with what we do and what we get. As a consequence of that, we're looking for top talents to join our growing team and who is comfortable asking questions and proposing valuable solutions to help us move forward.

We're looking for top talents to join our growing team.

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