Company details

Who we are?

Roobykon Software members aren`t just “skilled”, “creative”, “efficient” and other blinkered adjectives, that have no actual value. We are a team, that will make a project from A to Z, following needs and requirements, suggesting and releasing cutting the edge solutions - and here we are.
We are not making the business just for money or without any vision of its goal. Each step makes us closer to completing our mission

Mission: To deliver turnkey solutions to our clients using all our prior expertise in a chosen business domain.
Roobykon - It is a place where great ideas meet flawless implementation.

Our teammates even could take charge of a Human Mission to Mars or manage Falcon Heavy test flight, though these amazing 30 people decided to choose marketplace development as a life path. Embodying ideas, we improve the E-business world.
Our secret weapon is an ability to be on the same wavelength, work together as a whole, our relevant experience, in-depth knowledge and a pinch of magic!
Boom, you get an awesome team and a project of your dream!