About The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit (TTP) is a global proprietary firm based in Liechtenstein. Our team of experts has carefully designed the TTP’s Challenges to identify talented traders and support them by providing all the tools and capital needed for them to reach financial independence. Prop traders with TTP receive up to 70% of profits! The TTP project’s mission is to make proprietary trading accessible to all and to build an active trading community around the globe, providing all traders with the resources needed to succeed. Trading conditions without compromise, live webinars and Squawk Box, direct market access (DMA), exclusive events with professional traders, and an unbeatable affiliate program. Once you sign up, you'll get the chance to become a TTP partner by passing your trading challenge. When you're ready, you can explore ways to grow, start a career, and reach financial freedom. Whatever your decision, you can move up or stay the same. Achieve your goals, grow, and expand your horizons.

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