More than 10 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

Results driven and self-motivated leader, focused on strategic innovations and efficiency.

Manager with a proven ability to develop and strengthen people and processes to maximize company profitability and efficiency. 15+ years of experience in the management of different companies and projects:
• Successful management experience includes a wide range of projects, including FDA approved medical information systems and 600+ employees.
• Setting up from scratch and running of Software Development Centers, forming and managing teams to high performance.
• Strong experience in management of back-office operations with substantial in-house expertise - Recruiting, Human Resource, Finance, Legal, Office Facilities, IT.

• General management, business development, business operations management, strategy, execution, business process improvement, P&L responsibility.
• Program management, project management, agile methodologies, product development, building distributed tech teams.
• Recruitment & staffing, talent acquisition, PR & employer branding.
• Outsourcing software development, development centre set up.


Agile, Scrum


More than 200 successfully delivered projects

Looking for

Strong team and opportunities to become a partner/shareholder

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