4 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

- have 4-5 years of PHP backend coding experience.
- have a solid experience maintaining and developing UIKit (HTML, CSS) within Angular, Emberjs products.
- have very solid experience and understanding of javascript( Closures, IIFE, Prototypal inheritance).

I am looking for a Reactjs related job, since want to move on in that direction. My edge for this position would be - I know in an out of HTML, CSS the visual layer as well I know javascript itself. I am digging into reactjs at this moment, while I am new on reactjs - I am open to take on a project at a lower rate as a junior.


HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, CSS, React, Bootstrap, AJAX, HTML, SASS, PHP, Bootstrap | Foundation | UIkit, Git, jQuery, Gulp, EcmaScript 6, LESS


- Getting things done when needed stying up and getting it done.
- Optimizing UI-Kit (HTML/CSS) to be less in size and better manageable.

Looking for

I am looking for a Reactjs related job. I want to work with a great teamlead who is also good architect.

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