1 year of experience · English Pre-Intermediate

Android Developer
Ltd. Esvoe
Mar 2018 – Present
The development of Esvoe - the innovative Ukrainian Social network Android application.
Implementation of friends list, subscribers and family.
The ability to add new friends, delete the old ones, unsubscribe and send complains.
Messeger implementation including such features as sending text, pictures, files, location, deleting unwanted messages etc.
Working with the internal data base.
General user search.
News feed.
The development of e-ticket and E-music apps.
01/2018-02/2018 Android Developer
- Development of an application for a cleaning company in which you can select the location
where the cleaning will take place. Exits objects to clean from the database, depending on the
location, allows you to mark cleared objects and get cleared information. Saving cleared
objects to the database and sending information about the work done to the email.
07/2015–10/2015 Java developer for Vaadin framework
Curensea Inc., Lviv (Ukraine)
- Website development on Java with Vaadin framework.
02/2015–06/2015 Java developer
Ltd. "Mail Service", Lviv (Ukraine)
- Development of the application for controlling a robot from an Android device.
- Assuring smooth and fast video streaming.


Java, OOP, SQLite, Android, Jira, JSON, Git, MySQL, REST API, Spring, Vaadin, PostgreSQL

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