4 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

I'm a People Operations Specialist with four years of experience targeting top talent. Leverages metrics and modern methods to seamlessly fill high-priority positions, improve processes, and build strong employee relations.

Focused on talent sourcing, candidate identification, networking, and relationship building with potential candidates. Overseed the full-cycle recruitment and for the planning, organization, development, and implementation of all recruitment-related processes.

I always think critically and able to satisfy business needs.

I'm able to identify and adapt quickly to changing labor market conditions.

You will hire me if you need a person who can build positive relationships with co-workers, employees, and candidates.


Human Resources, Onboarding, Interviewing, Communication, HR Processes, CV Screening, English

Looking for

I've been coordinating hiring, onboarding new employees for the current company.
I want a position in the PRODUCT company where I can apply my skills and abilities so that I can add some value to the organization.

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The candidate had at least one successful hire through Djinni.

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