6 years of experience · English Intermediate

android: 6y, overall: 7y+
4 companies

Education app, huge app for simulating exams. App allows user to simulate exam in driving school with 100% official rules. App contains a lot of media content, really complex business logic. App allows to work in offline and then sync progress with backend.

General purpose library for ranging bluetooth beacons. Library solves problem of measuring distance to beacon. Main challenge was to handle extremely unstable beacon signal, from a box we got 5-8 meter accuracy, I increased it to 2-3 meters using advanced filtration algorithms

Application-guide for museums. Main feature of application is detecting position of user in building and providing context aware hint’s (text content, audio and video) to tell more about exhibits in museum. Another big feature is ability build app’s for different museums from one codebase. For determination of user position we used iBeacon technology.

Application for big museum, functionality are pretty same as previous one and in addition we used 100% custom design. Also we integrated AR games that provided by third-party company.

Payment application for vending machines, public copiers and printers. Functionality similar with android or apple pay. We added possibility to make payments without nfs using qr codes or bluetooth.

Guide for tourists. The application is a collection of tours around attractions with context aware information like audio content, pictures or videos. Main problem was implementing our own navigation and map engine. Navigation allows to determinate situation when user goes in wrong way or he is too far away from predefined track. Map is own engine written on C++ and OpenGL, from android side i’ve provided extremely high performance image loader for map tiles and tight integration for C++ code

And much more


Android, Java/Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutine, Room, RxJava, Dagger2, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, Redux

Looking for

Projects on kotlin, big company, yellow rubber duck

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