8 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

I am an expert in frontend technologies with solid knowledge of backend and storage technologies with 8 years of experience in Agile teams.
I solve my clients' business problems with:
- JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript 3.4
- React with hooks, React Native
- Redux, reselect, redux-saga, redux-thunk
- RxJS, Most.js for handling async data streams
- Styling with Sass/SCSS
- Webpack, Babel
- Node.js for asynchronous services handling many concurrent data streams
- RabbitMQ as a message broker in loosely-coupled architectures
- MongoDB as a document store
- PostgreSQL as a transactional DBMS
- Docker for container deployment


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, MobX, RxJS, HTML, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, REST API, GraphQL, Python


Designed and implemented a rich set of high-load web applications for HeadHunter.ru.
Built high-load backend services like parsers infrastructure for Tranio.ru. I also worked on frontend.
Designed and implemented a whole infrastructure of high-load crawler-like and scrapper-like applications for a stock aggregator engine with 2.4+ billion entries.
Implemented backend and frontend of a tool for statistical analysis of social networks data for theAudience.com.

Looking for

Complex engineering problems and colleagues with high expertise.

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The candidate had at least one successful hire through Djinni.