2 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

1) HashEx - worked as Blockchain developer and Smart contract security engineer, developed Blockchain related web services.
2) ICORating - worked as Technical analyst and Data Science engineer.
3) Callisto Network - worked as Smart Contract engineer.
4) Drakosha - developed foreign language learning project, worked on Augmented Reality game using ARCore, worked on Computer Vision project with Flask backend and Dlib implementation.
5) Navigine - indoor positioning and navigation solutions. Android mobile application developer and Java / C++ SDK developer.


Solidity, Android, Java, Python, Algorithms, Computer Vision, Data Science, Augmented Reality, Swift, Xcode, iOS, REST API, Git, C++, Android SDK, MVP


1) Developing Android mobile application and C++ SDKs.
2) Senior Smart Contract security engineer.
3) Author of Exchange security report that has been posted on most popular Crypto magazines.
4) Worked as CTO of Smart Contract security agency.
5) Developed mobile app with REST API for comparing faces using computer vision and machine learning.

Looking for

Looking for interesting job positions using technologies like AR, Computer Vision or Neural Networks, but ready to work on developing games and apps without any technologies.