More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

12 years of experience in marketing.
8 years of middle and top management experience.
7 years of product management experience.
I have worked in 5 SaaSes and 5 marketplaces, 3 different advertising agencies, a media, an event and an outsource company.
I have customized processes for marketing, content, sales, hr, finance and other departments, built their work, looked for flaws, fixed them, analyzed results, implemented new practices, etc.
I have been responsible for the growth of employees, the creation of career ladders and KPIs for them.
I have been responsible for allocating and maintaining budgets, achieving marketing, sales, hr, and other goals and accomplishing tasks.
I have created products from scratch, was engaged in marketing and sales, both on my own and with teams, built teams.


I have built and automated workflow for different departments (marketing, content, sales, hr, finance and other, etc).
I have launched products from scratch.
I have knowledge in marketplaces distributed in the different markets of the world from the USA to Asia, in SAASes in Europe.