2 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

It's nice to see you here, on my profile. I'm looking forward hearing from you for a big advantage and proposal.

I've got solid and consistent experience of TA and QC/QA process'. According to my duties and responsibilties I implement and/or establish best practices into live. My contribution through varaity of projects include but not limit next activities:
- Creating and maintaining software testing documentation such as Check Lists, Test Cases, etc.
- sanity testing
- smoke testing
- regression testing
- unit testing
- integration testing
- contract testing
- e2e testing
- e2e API testing
- API health check
- functional testing
- acceptance testing
- cover with automation new functionality
- maintanance of existing TCs
- triage of daily runs
- debugging code
- peer code review
- weekly reporting

Acknowledgement of REST and RESTful, GraphQL, HTTP codes, AOP, HTTP/HTTPS network protocol differences, URN/URI/URL, automation related pattern and approaches.

Current achievements and Future aims:
- I've passed OCA Oracle exam.
- Next step is ISTQB Fundation. I'm going to take it this spring.
- I'm considering to take OCP early this autumn as well.


Java, Git, REST, Microservices, OOP, Maven, Jira, JSON, XML, GitHub, API Testing, JUnit, Design Patterns, Spring, Patterns, Gradle, yaml, Agile, DRY, Confluence, BDD, Scrum, REST API, RESTful Webservices, CircleCI, Java 8, Java 11, Java Stream API, Java Core, Jenkins CI, Gitlab, Selenium WebDriver, Web Tesing, GUI testing, HTTP, Postman, Swagger, Stoplight, bash, Test documentation writing/maintenance, Spring Framework, Collections, J2EE, AspectJ, IntelliJ IDEA, Java Reactive, Automated Testing, Regression Testing, TDD, Functional programming, GoF patterns, Quality Assurance, SOLID, TestNG, Selector, locator, XPath, CSS, OAuth 2.0, CI, CI/CD, QA, QC, Lombok, Steam API, Scrum/Kanban methodology, SAFe, allure, gitbash


I've participated in 2 UI, 3 API projects.

Covered ~35 microservices.

Test documentation/test plan/test strategy was written or updated depends on project needs.
And implemented through code, as well.

Looking for

US based company, preferable with a
billing, telecom, security domain area.

I'll highly appreciate company's willingness of developing its people with certain plan and budget.

Docker, Spring, Cloud services, Scala/Python as a second language will be a HUGE asset.

- Automation related only
- Do not western UTC-6