2.5 years of experience · English Intermediate

Information about my key skills:

C#/.Net experience: 2 years
Confident understanding of C#, follow coding best practices. Understanding of OOP and design patterns.

About 1-year experience of PHP coding auto-tests for REST backEnd API. Also acceptance testing with Codeception (bdd framework).

Have an experience of programming on JAVA, within the confines of university labs and course project, also training tasks related to unit testing.

TypeScript practise. Beginner knowledge in React.

Experience in working with XUnit family frameworks for unit testing, using WebDriver for UI testing, understanding of internal WebDriver structure and how it works. Experience in TDD, and have solid skill and understanding of BDD methodology and frameworks. Not most popular but everywhere still required XPath of course.

CI: Familiar with Jenkins platform, experience with TeamCity(configuring, jobs, triggers), the same with Azure DevOps. A couple of days is enough for learning another similar platform. Some exploring exp with Docker(deployment, configuring).

Have some practice with Apache JMeter for performance testing.

SVC: Good experience with Git(different branches coding, resolving conflicts, principles of merging). Knowledge of git commands(using bash).

Exp of Scrum method teamworking (daily meetings, retros, sprint planning).
Experience in code reviewing


Git, Jira, Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, Jenkins, REST API, Scrum, XPath, Manual Testing, C#, QA Automation, JMeter, OOP, PHPUnit, Basic PHP, BDD, Codeception, Gherkin


На небольшом проекте, единолично организовал автоматизацию тестирования апи, заскедулил запуск на тимсити, провел экмпериментальное нагрузочное тестирование.

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Предпочитаю небольшие продуктовые компании и работу в маленьком коллективе. Не приемлю крупный аутсорс. Готов как влиться в существующий флоу автоматизации так и развернуть его с начала.

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