More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

I have been engaged with computer science since childhood.
The main part of the projects which I took part are various web services. Probably, the applications of some of them are installed in your smartphone.
Backends on Ruby, Clojure and Erlang/Elixir.
Have production experience with Rust for micro-services.
Databases: PostgreSQL mainly, Redis, RethinkDB, Elastic, Neo4j.
Variety of frontend technologies, personally I prefer Elm or ClojureScript. Or even better - do not make complex frontend and using something like fomkin/korolev, synrc/n2o, phoenix/liveview.
Interested in low-level programming on C/C++, looking into the direction of Rust, Swift and Scala native.
Have successful experience as a team leader, but I still prefer engineering work.
One of my pet projects fully developed on Clojure ( only Clojure for everything, even for CSS ) still works like a clock in hands of the new non-technical owner who bought it from me.
Photography is one of my hobbies. I experimenting with photogrammetry using OpenCV library. Image analyze and objects recognition is very interesting for me.
I have a good sense of UI/UX. Everything I do looks nice and neat.

I looking for complex problems with calculations, data analyze.
I prefer companies with a flat hierarchy, independent employees who are able to cooperate decentralized for the benefit of the project. Micromanagement, Jira, daily scrums are my stop words.
I am ready to work with new technology for myself. Anyway, every year I learn something new.


Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, PostgreSQL, React, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, OTP, C++, Git, Redis, MongoDB, Sinatra, OOP, REST API, OpenGL, Rust


Transfer of regular Rails application to API + Rich client SPA in few months.
Gradually transfer IM backend from Rails+PG to Erlang+Riak right under high load without fuckups.
Contribution to Clojure.
My name sounded few times in some IT podcasts and videos of other developers.
Work in world-famous projects from five different countries.
Tasty cooking )

Looking for

Small team, autonomy of engineers, not outsource, remote with regular IRL meetings.

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