8 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Remote Mobile Lead for LA consulting ~3 years
Estimations, projects leading, people leading, people hiring, tech interviews.

Team Lead Manager ~2 years
Kharkiv Region, Ukraine
Was leading iOS team ~10 people in outsourcing company. Was working on organizational processes, growing iOS devs to tech and team leads, tech interviews, projects estimations, communication, support.

iOS App Developer in Company 3 years 3 month
Kharkiv Region, Ukraine
I was working on applications development with all possible options: as a single developer, as a part of local team, as a part of remote team. A lot of apps from scratch, maintaining existing apps.

Freelance iOS ~3 years
iOS applications from scratch, support of existing apps.


Leadership, Leading teams, Team Leadership, Team Managment, OOP, Engineering management, iOS, Android, REST API, Technical Leadership, Swift, Objective-C

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