Less than a year of experience · English Upper Intermediate

As working experience - my masters work. NLP task, the main task is to summarize the reviews from site - prom.ua.
What i've done so far:
1. Data scraping from the site(prom.ua). Used libraries, Requests, BeautifulSoup, headless firefox, etc. And rotation of proxies, user-agents.
2. Cleaned data.
3. Used libraries / approaches - spacy, fasttext / LDA, word2vec, tf-idf.

Python (pandas, nympy, sklearn etc.). Databases - MySQL, MongoDb - solved basic tasks as part of university program.
Kaggle competitions, at least two.
Math / Statistics courses on stepik / edx / coursera, or articles.


Cyber Security, Python, SQL, numpy, pandas, NLP, scikit-learn, MySQL, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Git


Responsible, calm, communicative, team player, strong-willed. Interested in learning new technologies and obtaining new experience.
Like to analyze data, participate in Kaggle competitions and learn new information in the fields like: cyber security and data science.

Looking for

Interesting(complex) tasks. Professional growth, mentor. Awesome working conditions.

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The candidate had at least one successful hire through Djinni.

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