English Upper Intermediate

Took part in a project financed by Ministry of Information Policy. Helped Security Service to investigate Russian PMC (private military company) and gathered information about it. Was involved in Ukrainian Special Operations forces project. I have been working as a journalist and investigator about Russian-Ukrainian war, making research and writing unique articles about war in Ukraine. Good at communicating.


Sales, Communication Skills, International sales, B2B, B2C, English, It sales, Customer Support, Support, Team player


I'm proud of the fact that I'm a co-authur of a book. I'm also going to write my own book and become a co-authur of two more. I'm glad that I was honored to investigate unknown facts, improved communicating skills. Also helped Ministry of Information Policy to write a lot of articles.

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I see myself in IT because it’s a quite budding sphere in our modern society and I see a lot of opportunities working in this sphere. I would like to start my career as a simple worker without any experience and reach the summit and become a skillful project manager or a team lead. I'm sure that working in a such great company with responsible and determined co-workers it's the best way to prove yourself that you are worthy to become a great leader in the future. I hope that I'll find myself at this sphere. I'm sure that working here it's a great start. I hope to start my new life here and find new friends and what is crusual - skillful co-workers, nice managers and hope about my bright future. I’m good at communicating because I worked for 3 years as a journalist and spent hours having conversations with different types of our society (all of them were much older than I) and after that in my humble opinion I became a nice communicator.

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