5 years of experience · English Intermediate

Product Manager / business analyst / Data Scientist; startup: platform for bloggers and advertisers; Moscow — 07.2018 - 07.2019
Tasks: to determine the main priorities of product development, implementation control and introduction of new services for sale, description of those tasks, construction of machine learning models (bots, trends, recommendations)
Project Manager / business analyst; Drivelinebaseball project; USA — 05.2017 - 05.2018
Tasks: construction of internal processes that ensure the work of the team, load planning, approval and maintenance of project budgets at all levels, analysis of business goals and objectives for their transformation into tasks for the team, setting tasks for the integration of modules of the developed system
Project Manager / business analyst / developer; material machining plant; Belarus — 09.2017 - 04.2018
Tasks: to determine the bottleneck of the working process and to optimize its work, to develop a simple but powerful tool for specialists in the company
Business analyst; xpansa company (main project: utires.com); USA — 02.2016 - 04.2017
Tasks: process analysis, preparation of specifications,control of task execution by developers, organization and implementation of automated testing, data analysis, minimal development of Python modules


NoSQL, Python, bash, PostgreSQL, Project Management


1) Product Manager / business analyst and Data Scientist; startup platform for influencers and advertisers; Achievements: increased sales with the joint work of development and sales departments
2) project Manager / business analyst; drivelinebaseball project; Achievements: organized the work of a team of 13 people and achieved 70% of the project margin
3) project Manager / business analyst / developer; material machining plant; Achievements: 60% increase in order processing speed
4) Business analyst; xpansa company (main project: utires.com); Achievements: the project was launched in prod by team from scratch; 12 designed and implemented automatic functional tests of the system using robotframework

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Product/ Project manager in ML projects; Business Analyst

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