5 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

∙ Writing original marketing copy (blog posts and guest-posting articles)
∙ Writing listicles, white papers, case studies, advertising campaigns, presentations, website and landing pages content, media releases, newsletters, email drips, and texts for social media channels
∙ Leading a corporate Medium channel and writing for Hacker Noon
∙ Translating and modifying technical materials to the long-reads
∙ Working closely with other writers, marketers, programmers, designers, product managers, and recruiters to craft optimal copy for various needs
∙ Proofreading and editing English copy provided by other writers, marketing and product managers
∙ Generating ideas, creative materials, selling strategies, and topic clusters that aim to shape the company brand


Digital marketing, Content marketing, copywriting, Team Leadership, English, Marketing Campaigns, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

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