2 years of experience · English Pre-Intermediate

Product analytics:
• Data collection
• Data visualization
• A/B testing
• RFM- model
• Analysis retetion, LTV, ARPU, DAU, MAU…
• Cohort analysis
Marketing analytics:
• Target audience modeling
• Rating modeling for cross advertising campaign (TV, internet, press ..)
• Analysis of purchased traffic (CPI, CPA, RPI, RPA, ROI…)
Game analytics:
• Game stats
• Game user behavior
• Passing game levels
• Search for anomalies, bugs ...
Team tasks:
• Building a process by which key business decisions are made based on data
• Participation in a workshop on research objectives
• Putting forward hypotheses and ways to test them
• Search for new tools and analysis methods


Excel, Matlab, Minitab, Statistica, Python, MySQL, R-Studio, pandas, Math, Machine Learning, SQL, Data Science, Google Data Studio, numpy, Algorithms, Math Statistics, NumPy, Data Mining


Победитель разнообразных математических олимпиад и турниров.

Looking for

Разработка новых математических моделей применимых в спорте, статистике, медицине, рекламе ...

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