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Certified Product Owner (PSPO I / Scrum.org). Currently holding position of Scrum Master, coaching two development teams with one b2b product. Prefer pure-agile way, not partial waterfall with some scrum elements. Of course it works better than pure-waterfall, but it blocks hyperproductivity. Have trained in Lean Startup management. Know how to form product vision, manage business strategy and how to release the most product value with the first few sprints. I have HR experience - successfully hired 10+ team members with just one dismissal. Overall management experience since 2014 (2+ years). I came to business from sysop and developers - have a lot of experience in unix system administration and perl/nodejs development (10+ years).


Vision Development
Product management


I have practical experience in scrum framework rapid implementation for just a few months starting from just 1 scrum element to 10 (of 11 total) currently. And that changes continues and are sustainable (there is no fallback when i am absent). On the prior job as a teamlead i had lead developers team to the first place in the company by overall tempo of product increment. Partially implemented SCRUM - backlog, sprint planning and daily scrum gave us serious advantage. If i had to study and implement SCRUM framework at all, dont even know what kind of success we could achive. For 1.5 year we've done more than 3 other active teams of the company, that used traditional waterfall. Our team was fully distributed, so i know how to deal with it.

Ожидания от работы

I want full-time job. Distributed team is ok, but no freelance - employment contract or some sort of stock option (russian jurisdiction only!). Want to participate in stratup, could start from zero - just your product vision and preparedness to invest. Ready to organize most business aspects. Startup in the large company is ok, but need sufficient autonomy. I will certainly reject any offers to participate in alcohol, tabaco and other drugs production and distribution, meat industry, gambling, prostitution, credits, debt collecting. Most likely will reject product/project manager position in large company with some sort of corporation policy.

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