More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Clojure developer with background in .Net and C#. Skilled in implementing web applications, services and retail applications. Experienced in building and enhancing products that solve real-world problems.

- clojure, clojurescript, mysql, postgres
- .net, c#, asp.net mvc, javascript, IIS, ms sql server, xunit


Clojure, Nginx, ClojureScript, REST API, MySQL, Linux, Git, JSON, SQL, .NET Core, Amazon AWS, JavaScript


Created the solution which helps to create agreements, automatically issue and send invoices to 1100 customer clients.

The tool helps to represent the structure of accounts receivable in simple and clear layout and simplifies accounting management.

The solution helps several departments of 15 people to cope with the tasks of 1100 of legal entities on every day basis.

Looking for

Looking for projects where the team is using Clojure for solving real-world problems. Interested in back-end development.

- Clojure
- back-end scope
- distributed systems