3 years of experience · English Intermediate

Database architecture (CoreData)
UI/UX design implementing
VCS: Git, Bitbucket.
Task Tracking system: RedMine, Trello, Jira.
CI: Jenkins + Fastlane & Match
Video/Audio streaming
GCD, Multi-Threading, blocks.
Experience with Social Frameworks. (OAuth2 Authorization)
XML/JSON parcing.
iOS Apps UI (UIKit, Standart UI Controls, Autolayout, Animations, Effects, Sketch mockups, localization)
iOS Apps Architecture: Design Patterns
iTunes connect and Apple Developer Portal
Client-Server interaction
Apple SpriteKit.
Integration of 3-rd party libraries (Fabric, Crashlytics, GoogleMaps, Firebase etc..)
Jenkins CI + Fastlane & Match


Asana, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, CoreData, iOS, JSON, Lottie, Multithreading, Objective-C, OOP, Swift, UIKit, XML, ReactiveCocoa, ReactiveSwift, SpriteKit, SQL, C/C++

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