4 years of experience · English Intermediate

A software developer three and half years of experience in software development. Working knowledge of programming
technologies and techniques. Having commercial experience in development of data-intensive applications and systems
based on microservices architecture, with SQL and NoSQL solutions. Having experience with modern styles and
techniques of software development like microservices architecture, REST, TDD and BDD.

- Java SE (up to version 11) - core, multithreading, lambdas, collections
- Spring ecosystem - Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring AOP, Spring Messaging
- Java EE - EJB, JMS, Persistence, JSF, JDBC
- Java libraris - JUnit, Hibernate, Guava, Mockito, Log4j
- Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB
- Messaging - RabbitMQ, Apache ActiveMQ
- Build tools - Maven, Ant
- Docker, Jenkins
- Application servers - Apache Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss
- WEB - JS, CSS, HTL, XPath, XQuery
- Operating systems - Linux, Windows, Android


Java, Java Core, Java SE, REST API, Spring Data, JDBC, Jenkins, JMS, JSON, Microservices, PostgreSQL, Spring, SQL, Guava, Hibernate, Java EE, JavaScript, Linux, MongoDB, NoSQL, Spring Cloud, XML, AWS


Participated in creating scalable systems of geographic data distribution (in scope of Google Summer of
Code program).
Participating in developing of digital advertising platform based on microservices architecture, Spring
ecosystem and SQL solutions.

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