4 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Overall 4+ years in Project Management (crossing with Game-Design). Product and outsourcing working experience.

Below is information only about my responsibilities at the current workplace:
(In case, if you need more detailed information, feel free to contact me)

As IT Project Manager ( - present)

- Responsibility for Scrum ceremonies
- Managing up to 4 projects simultaneously
- Working with foreign and geographically distributed customers in different time zones
- Gathering, processing and analyzing all kind of project data,
- Active involvement and influence on a project as a consequence
- Reporting on all activities related to staff (status, finance, etc.)
- Creating reports based on external and internal stakeholder`s requirements
- Working with geographically distributed teams
- Working with customers and teams to ensure the project being executed according to the
developed strategy, in a timely manner and within the confirmed budget
- Resource management
- Project planning and timesheets preparation


Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Project Management, Risk management, Motivation and engagement, Gamification, Negotiation, People Managenent


0. Was able to build a stable dev environment in a company, working as a solo pm.

1. Thanks to a synergy of my coworkers, our football games regularly hit the top ratings.

2. Our first VR game development attempt took the 1st place in a contest at Game Gathering 18

Looking for

Looking for a stable environment, where I can dedicate myself, face new challenges and opportunities to serve Agile teams.

Do not want to work on cryptocurrency projects.

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