More than 10 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

All types and methods of testing (Smoke, Acceptance, Functional, Regression, Integration, End-to-end, etc)
All bugs tracking systems (Bugzilla, Trac, JIRA, ForBugz, Redmine, Trello, etc)
All versions control systems (CVS, SVN, Perforce, Git)
REST web services testing
Security Testing (OWASP ZAP)
Stress/Load/Performance Testing (jmeter, locust, etc)
Automation Testing (Selenium, Cucumber, Capybara, etc)
DB (Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, etc)
Test documentation creating (all needed)
Web/Desktop/PortableDevices/Mobile testing


AGILE/SCRUM, All Bugs tracking systems, All types and methods of testing, All versions control systems, End-to-end testing, Integration testing, Jira, Manual Testing (all techniques), Regression Testing, Static Testing, System testing, Test documentation (all needed), Web/Desktop/PortableDevices/Mobile testing, Win/Linux/MacOS, Backend testing, HTML, Stress/Load/Performance Testing (jmeter/locust/etc), Automation Testing (Selenium/Cucumber/etc), Capybara, Continuous Integration, Cucumber, DB (MySQL/MongoDB/etc), REST API, Security testing


- Passed more than 300+ projects in my career including all possible applications and various platforms to successful delivery including banking programs with complex business logic.
- Wide and huge experience in QA/testing area including different techniques, methods and tools.
- Incredible ability to find all unbelievably hard tricky defects everywhere in all test applications.
- Adjusted testing flow and all processes in all past companies and built QA Department from scratch based on best world practices for them.
- Build Automation Framework based on BDD from the scratch and successfully implemented in in the couple companies.

Looking for

- Stable and successful company.
- Interesting project with a good challenge to achieve it.
- Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration flow.
- Remote job or relocate to USA or UK or Europe.

Verified candidate

The candidate had at least one successful hire through Djinni.

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