3 years of experience · English Intermediate

3 years of experience in the development of Web-based applications in server side development and 2,5 years of experience in the DevOps and Ops of Web-based applications.
Proficient in Golang technology, particularly in developing applications with various system level architectures. Worked with relational databases such as PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, MS SQL Server and no-relational databases such as Redis. Used Go-Kit. Have knowledge in DevOps - Gitlab, Jenkins and Azure.


PostgreSQL, Golang, Git, Linux, Docker, go, REST API, OOP, SQL, JSON, Jira, RabbitMQ, Nginx, docker, google cloud


Tasks performed:
· Developed:
* new monolith app architecture, which can be separated to microservices. New architecture enables to develop new modules and different backend editions in one mono-repository.
* statistics microservice, that can create statistical reports. Optimized database queries while working on it
* WiFi statistics microservice, that can validate and handle device data, store it in ClickHouse, create statistical reports
* codegenerators and modules to work with a database
* new app as many microservices (Go-Kit/Jaeger)
· Implemented:
* clean architecture
* Unit testing in new modules
* CI/CD in backend and frontend projects (frontend delivery by one click), based on GitLab, Ansible and Docker * code review and git flow
* new development workflow (project and product management) in the company
* TestRail
* systems for SaaS infrastructure monitoring and logging
* VM backups, PostgreSQL (PITR, Snapshots), ClickHouse backups
* Load Balancers, File Share (NAS) in SaaS
* VPN in SaaS
* API documenting by RAML
* clients' deployments documenting in Confluence
* docker and docker-compose
* requests logging for web service
· Optimized data storing and handling to decrease CPU and RAM usage · Improved and analyzed performance of Go code and SQL queries
· Organized and implemented new Workflows in JIRA
· Designed network and system schemes of application
· Performed integration with customer's API
· Integrated static code analysis tool & test coverage report

Looking for

Team: Small product
New technologies
Highload and big data

I don't wanna develop ERP/CRM systems without highload.

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