5 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

- Business Process (Business \ System) Analyst 5+ years
- Experience of leading small team
- Experience of on-boarding, mentoring and teaching
- Experience with internal process 6+ years (3+ years in IT Companies)
- Domains: IT, Logistic, Fin tech, B2C sales (cars)


Manual Testing, BPMN, Business analyst, Implementation, Requirements managment, Jira, Kanban, Power BI, Specification, SQL, Technical wrighting, APEX, Scrum, UML, Oracle


1) Development of internal employees grades system for IT company
2) Development of customer satisfaction survey for IT company clients
3) Development of approach for maintain and develop internal initiatives\project of IT company
4) Redesign and optimization of approval flow\process for internal procurement of IT company
5) Development and implementation of change management process of IT company
6) Development, establishment, optimization and implementation a lot of internal small and middle size process for IT, logistic and other companies
8) Optimization of post machine processes and integration with partner software
9) Development, establishing process and integration with 2 payment (money transfer) systems
10) Development, establishing process of warehouse (logistic) and Integration with warehouse management system (WMS) for e-commerce
11) Development and Implementation warehouse management system (WMS) for client fulfillment processes
12) Organization of MeetUps for Business Analyst in Lviv

Looking for

I want to find mid size company where I can help to build fair, trusted and effective environment. It is not only about business processes but about entire business culture.