5 years of experience · English Pre-Intermediate

Skills, knowledge:

- An idea of how computers and modern widely used OS's ( Linux, Darwin, NT ) are designed and work;
- Understanding of network protocols and services, TCP/IP, OSI. Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) level
of networks competence , experience with CISCO ISRs and L3-switches, and some other not so cool
devices like Mikrotik, ZyWall, Fortigate;
- Understanding of design and functionality of MS Windows (essentially, it is a DOS graphical
applications emulator running on top of NT operating system);
- A RedHat Technician level of Linux administration, active usage of Linux for production purposes
during last 5 years;
- Understanding of PKI;
- DevOps skills:
understanding containers (LXC, Docker, Systemd-Nspawn);
deploying containers with Docker-Compose, understanding design and the ideas Kubernetes is based
experience with Phabricator, Packer, Artifactory, TeamCity, Jenkins (+ jenkins job builder), GIT
workflow (GitLab\GitHub, accessing GitHub API with Python);
got an idea about basic AWS components (S3, EBS, EC2), hands-on experience with Google Cloud;
- monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus + Graphana;
- OS level virtualization (mostly VmWare ESXi and RedHat Qemu/KVM, some experience with different
Openstack-based solutions);
- Experience with Bash, JS, Perl, PHP, Python, TCL, C, VBScript, Powershell languages and SQL
operations - able to understand C#, Java code (for example, in order to find out the reasons of errors or
to make small changes in code) and to write service scripts in PHP and Python.
- Understanding COW filesystems;
- Experience with MS Exchange,Exim;
- Samsung PBX, Asterisk;
- Maintaining 1S:Enterprise business software suite (MS SQL &
Have been working in IT field for more than 10 years, and for the last 7 years - on professional level.

You can get an idea of my written English from the text of this resume. In my resume you can find out that I have experience providing technical support
for English speaking customers. I checked my language skills against Oxford Online Placement Test and got B1-B2 level. Another publicly available test - EF SET - evaluated me as 70 out of 100 ( see my personal certificate
here https://www.efset.org/cert/vdZWW1).


Linux, Git, TCP/IP, Nginx, Python, PostgreSQL, VMware, CentOS, GCP, Docker/Docker Compose, Ansible


Not much, but for example, I have transfered internal infrastructure on my current work from on-premise VMWare VSphere to Yandex.Cloud,
developed simple web self-service allowing our internal users getting their OpenVPN profiles easily and without distracting system administrators through just using their google accounts to log in to special web-page (the whole system consists of openVPN server and Django front/back-ends, uses Celery and OAuth Python modules ).

Looking for

I definitely don't want messing with Windows systems much )))

I'd like to get some job related to Python developing, working with virtualization, especially Qumu/KVM, requiring communication in English.

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