4 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Interested in distributed data processing, functional programming. Love Spark, have good knowledge of MapReduce paradigm and Hadoop ecosystem. Have experience in ad tech (RTB), FinTech, IoT domains.
- Java 8, Scala
- Spark (Core, SQL, Streaming), Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce), Hive, Presto
- AWS (EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, SNS/SQS, Cloudformation)
• SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
• NoSQL (Cassandra, Druid, Redis)
- Apache Kafka
- Apache Airflow,
- RESTful Web Service (Spring MVC, Vert.x)
- Java tools for testing, logging, building (JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, log4j2, Maven)
- VCS (git)
- Docker, docker-compose
- Continuous Integration (CircleCI, Jenkins)


Spark, Git, Linux, Hadoop, Java, Airflow, Presto, AWS, Scala


MapReduce jobs to Spark migration (100 terabytes/day),
I've built streaming processing pipeline for IoT data
Was working onsite in the The USA and Berlin for 6 month totally

Looking for

big amounts of data, Scala, Spark, AWS, Airflow

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