9 years of experience · English Advanced/Fluent

- Overall 9 years of work experience.
- 7+ years of work experience with Objective-C and iOS SDK.
- 3+ years of work experience with Swift
- 20+ application deployed to the App Store.
- Strong object oriented programming skills.
- Deep understanding of applications architecture and design.
- Extensive experience in UIKit, Foundation, Core Animation, -
- Core Graphics, Core Data.
- Solid experience with Facebook, Twitter APIs.
- Solid experience with multi-threading (GCD and NSOperation)
- Experience with advanced UI, graphics, animations and highly interactive multimedia apps.
- Experience in iOS deployment platforms like TestFlight and Diawi.
- Experience with Web services via JSON/XML and 3rd party libraries integration
- Expert in iOS design and architecture patterns.
- Experience in various integrations with banks and payment gateways.
- Team Lead experience (about 3 years) in establishing and managing a professional team of developers.
- Regular and extensive experience in negotiating technical aspects, composing specifications, estimating development costs and risks, designing architecture, picking appropriate tools and technologies for all major projects.
- Ability to learn new technologies and provide required results fast.
- Good stress tolerance, is a good team player, with strong communication skills.

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