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2 года опыта · Английский Upper Intermediate [?]

I am a developer with 2 year of experience. I always achieve my goals. I'm ready to do my best to become better and improve my skills and conquer new heights. I firmly believe that programming is not just a job, it is an opportunity to make the world better. When I am writing code I always think about people who will work with it after me.
Skills & Technologies
 Swift standard library, Xcode, UIKit, Foundation
 IOS – native frameworks
 On beginners level: Objective C, Kotlin
Technical Skills
 Strong knowledge in Swift, IOS SDK
 Understanding OOP, OOD, SOLID principles
 Understanding Design patterns (GOF)
 Architectures: MVC, MVP, MVVM,VIPER
 Experience with Git, Sourcetree, Github, JIRA
 Push Notifications/Local Notifications;
 Realm/Core Data
 Social frameworks: Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.
 Multithreading
 Other common frameworks: Alamofire, Core Location, Google Maps,
Fabric, Firebase, etc.

Soft Skills
 Communication
 Team work
 Responsibility
 Problem Solving


Networking, OOP/OOD, SOLID, Swift, Swift API Design Guidelines, CoreData, CoreLocation, Design Patterns, Multithreading, realm, AVFoundation


Develop projects from scratch to publishing in the AppStore

Ожидания от работы

I expect to be useful for your company and reach new ones in a great team

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