More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Embedded systems engineer:
- HW, SW, FW design, R&D;
- preferably low and system level
- multimedia streaming, SIP, VoIP
- IoT, telemetry
- bare metal, microcontrollers
- embedded Linux
- automotive
- microservices over MQTT, Redis, ZeroMq, nanomsg
- mostly C, less Rust, time by time: C++, Java, bash, Python, Perl, Go etc.


Linux, ffmpeg, cross compiling, Multimedia, OBD, Python, Qt, Rust, STL, AUTOSAR, Bluetooth Low Energy, Yocto, Android, Docker, J1939, Java, IoT, telemetry, C++, C, Git, Networking, SIP, VoIP, 3g/4g/lte, Boost, microservices, CAN bus, buildroot, Redis, MQTT, ZeroMQ, nanomsg, Dbus, nng, gpsd, NAT traversal, STM32, LwIP, CMake


Tech Lead, Architect

Looking for

More R&D, less legacy. Rust, low and system level, backend.
$4300 for Senior position
$4700 for Tech Lead, Architect

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