More than 10 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

- 10+ years of experience including 7 years of java and about 2.5 years of Scala.
- High level of Scala and good level of FP (can deal with Free Monads if needed)
- Experience in tech leading.
- Can start working with any scala tech in a short period of time.


Java, Scala, SQL, Spark, Cats, ZIO, Functional programming


- Designed and developed integration testing framework from the scratch with one more team member.
- Took over technical leading role from previous lead on project consists of 3 developers.
- Played tech lead roles in two more projects.
- Good reputation on StackOverflow

Looking for

- Functional programming libraries like cats, zio, fs2 etc. Or strong willing to move toward FP approach.
- Context switching safety
- Backend only.
- Not banking domain.
- Only scala. Not java + scala.
- DDD would be nice.

Verified candidate

The candidate had at least one successful hire through Djinni.