5 years of experience · English Upper Intermediate

Fintech startup

Created a payment system from scratch up to 1M RUB daily turnover. Customer development, technical specification, team formation, UI mockups, project management, MVP delivery, testing, integration with a major partner, integration projects with B2B customers, scaling.

Delivered the first version of a trading terminal in 2 months. Customer development, UI mockups, project management, MVP delivery.

Implemented analytics in 2 weeks. Technical specification, project management, testing.

Online education startup

Sales growth +50% in 4 months. Implemented best product development and growth practices, implemented an agile project management approach. Hired a new developer, with a smaller salary, 2x more productive and always available.

Implemented analytics with Segment.io integration. Now CEO, marketing and sales managers see all major events in every customer lifecycle as well as the overall picture.

Conversion increased +60% thanks to implementing A/B testing. The whole team is now focused on business growth because we have implemented a hypotheses-driven approach to product development.


Product management, Agile, Jira, User Experience, Business Analysis, Project Management, Google Analytics, English, A/B testing


Sales growth +50% in 4 months for an edutech product

Looking for

A small team with a product/market fit, B2C product, remote-friendly culture

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